Facilitator Training

A Mothers’ Center/Facilitator Training curriculum is available for centers to use. Generally this training is open to any member who has attended at least one discussion group, has participated in center leadership activities through committee work or steering attendance and has an interest in learning more about peer group facilitation. The training models the peer group experience and provides an opportunity for personal growth and development. The training curriculum is designed to:
  • Enhance communication and listening skills.
  • Improve confidence level in group interaction.
  • Offer tools and tips for listening more effectively and speaking more clearly and accurately.
  • Provide opportunities for personal reflection and learning more about yourself.
  • Prepare you to facilitate Mothers’ Center groups from standard discussion outlines.
  • Provide a foundation in leadership in a non-hierarchy and decision making by consensus- cornerstones of Mothers’ Center practice and philosophy. 
To find out about future training opportunities or for questions:
Please contact Lisa Kaplan-Miller @ (516) 939-6667 ext 106 or LisaK@MothersCenter.org What people say about the training:
“I feel like a better person.”… “It is useful in so many areas of your life!”... “A fantastic experience. I have learned so much about myself as a woman, friend, (and) mother.” ... “The consensus class was an eye opener.”... “I’ve learned to use so many of the facilitating skills in my everyday life and feel much more confident in my ability for groups I may lead in the future. I also made many good friends and that is priceless.”

Advanced Facilitator Training for the Circle of Caring program

The Circle of Caring is a pregnancy and postpartum depression support group that is sponsored by local Mothers’ Centers, and supported by the NAMC. This unique peer-based support group provides emotional support, education and coping tools that help empower women and their families. This program is available when funding permits. It is currently offered at two of our New York centers thanks to the generous support of a local donor. We are seeking to expand this program to Mothers’ Centers in other states.


If your center is interested in learning more, please call Lisa Kaplan-Miller at 866-939 6667 ext 106.

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Mothers’ Center Training

Mothers' Center Training is in the process of being designed to educate all new members on the Mothers' Center model so that each member can get the most out of her Mothers' Center experience. Included will be a history of the Mothers' Center and why we are still growing after over 30 years, a discussion on group guidelines and responsibilities and how they contribute to creating the safe and caring environment experienced in a Mothers' Center along with sharing insights into the many opportunities Mothers' Centers provide to their members.

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Mothers’ Center Open House Training

Our Mothers' Center volunteers are very important to us and to the mothers who participate in the centers. You are instrumental in creating the small communities in which mothers gain access to new friends, resources, information and the support that gives them the ability to raise their children with confidence. If you are a Mothers' Center volunteer, you are providing an invaluable community service by dedicating your efforts to the support of mothers and their families.

Your center can benefit by reaching out to your community. Well planned Open House events will allow your center to build more of the kind of relationships that will help you attract new members and give you access to the support and resources you need to keep your center growing. Training and templates that will give you a step by step approach to running open house events that will allow members of the community to experience the work that you are doing first hand are available - and the best part is, you can participate from home!

Training sessions are scheduled to accommodate your schedule. We are delivering the training on the web. All you need is access to a computer with Internet access and a phone for the audio part. We recommend that you have at least 2 people participate. The training is estimated to take one hour.

Contact Lisa Kaplan-Miller at 877 939-6667 X106 or e-mail her to schedule your session.

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Advocacy Curriculum

For parents who want to more effectively advocate for themselves, their children and their family members. The skills you learn will include asking the right questions, communicating with teachers, professionals and people in the community, body language and much more.

These programs are currently running in the Long Island area and some can be offered as web-based training that you can participate in from your home or anywhere you have access to a phone and the Internet.

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