__Start a Mothers' Center __
Every one of the current community-based Mothers' Centers programs was started by someone like you. Someone who was interested in having a resource for mothers in her neighborhood. The good news is, you don’t have to get started alone! The NAMC national office provides materials, training and ongoing consultation to help you every step of the way.
Group of Mothers
Thinking About Starting A Mothers' Center Program?

A great way to begin is with a Mothers’ Center Circle. Starting a Circle involves gathering a group of women interested in meeting regularly to talk about their mothering experiences, to build friendships, and learn from each other. Once you decide to become part of the NAMC, you would be guided in creating this group with materials and technical assistance. You might have a bigger vision, which would mean growing the Mothers’ Center Circle into a traditional Mothers’ Center that offers a variety of programming.
Center programs can include discussion groups, drop-in time, play groups, "Mommy & Me" classes, lectures, workshops, and social events. That would be up to you, the other women you are working with, and the resources you are able to gather.
We’ve found that starting small and simply, with just a few, realistic goals, is the best way to go. Some of our older, well-established centers (some have been around for more than 25 years!) rent space, meet most days during the week, and run a variety of programs. That may be a goal you keep in mind and work toward. Or starting a Mothers’ Center Circle may be enough to meet your needs.
To assist you in forming your circle or center, we offer a free How-To guide, "How To Start A Mothers' Center: A guideline for fulfilling a need in your community." The pamphlet tells all you need to know about:
  • Help available through the NAMC network
  • What makes a Mothers' Center unique- The Principles of the Program
  • Where and how to begin
  • Sample flyer, press release and other materials
  • Ideas for an initial meeting
  • An explanation of different programs your center could offer
Women get involved in Mothers' Centers to:
  • Feel less isolated
  • Validate the importance of mothering
  • Discuss parenting issues and learn more about child development
  • Experience a child-friendly environment
  • Network with other mothers and families
  • And much more!
At a Mothers' Center you can:
  • Lessen the stress of parenting
  • Talk about and help identify the needs and experiences of women
  • Build on your skills & talents
  • Form relationships
  • Find your voice
  • Participate in center decision-making
  • Learn interpersonal communication skills
  • And experience and advocate for change
If you have questions contact Lisa Kaplan-Miller at ext. 106 or LisaK@MothersCenter.org.