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Mothers' Centers are here for mothers & parents, not only when your children are young, but throughout your lifetime as parents to support you through every transition, as a resource when you are not sure where to turn and as a place where others will celebrate with you the milestones and every day victories that mean so much to us as mothers and parents.

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  • Access to resources for parents, caregivers, employers and employees
  • Opportunities to add your voice to raising the maternal voice to benefit humanity

The difference you will make for yourself, your family and generations to come is priceless!
Contact our Program Director, Lisa Kaplan-Miller, at 877.939.MOMS X106 or e-mail Lisa if you have any questions. 

"Perhaps the greatest social service that can be rendered by anybody to this country and to mankind
is to bring up a family." ~ George Bernard Shaw

What does Mothers' Center mean to you?   Here's what some moms have shared:

"My Mothers' Center saved my life!"

"The Mothers' Center has helped me grow as a person and as a mom." 

"It is a place to share and learn and grow as a mother... all mothers should have a Mothers' Center experience."

Mom-mentum recognizes that women continue to experience challenges as mothers long after their children go to school and are grown and can benefit tremendously by being part of a network of mothers.  Our commitment is to continue to provide programs that will meet your changing needs and the needs of your family.  

As one member put it, "Motherhood is a full body contact, multi-media interdisciplinary, cross-cultural-lollapalooza of a lifetime career upon which the future of civilization as we know it is wholly reliant."  Motherhood is serious business and a job that requires ongoing support and resources.

Thank you in advance for your continued involvement!