Coping with Tragedy

NAMC Podcast: Supporting Young Children After Natural Disasters and School Violence

Presented by: Michelle Green, LMSW Clinical Coordinator at the Adelphi University Institute for Parenting

PBS Program: Helping Children with Scary News

During his lifetime, Fred Rogers reassuring way of helping families with difficult times, beginning with his response to Robert Kennedy's assassination. Over the years since then, there have, unfortunately, been other tragic events during which parents and educators turned to him for his calming and thoughtful insight. Fred Rogers' wisdom is timeless, and his messages continue to be valuable for children and the people who care for them, as we deal with the events of today's world.

PSEG - Sesame Street: Let’s Get Ready and be Here For Each Other

The PSEG Foundation has partnered with Sesame Workshop to develop Let’s Get Ready: Planning Together for Emergencies, and Here For Each Other: Helping Families After Emergencies, free emergency preparedness and response initiatives in English and Spanish. 

The initiatives are aimed at instituting emergency preparedness into families’ routines through simple tips, strategies, and activities, as well as prepare families with effective and comforting ways to respond when a disaster occurs.