Women Senators Take Charge


The estrogen level on the floor of the US Senate skyrocketed last week when female Senators blasted health insurers for their discriminatory practices. In back to back speeches, they vigorously denounced charging women higher premiums and excluding coverage for gender-specific conditions. They were indignant, passionate, and unflinching in their delivery, which made a most welcome change from the typical drone and tedium of political debate.

The session was so unusual that Larry King gave the Senators air time on his show both Thursday and Friday evenings. And apparently interest is still running high – a Senate subcommittee just scheduled a hearing to occur this week entitled “What Women Want: Equal Health Care for Equal Premiums”. 

Your (Wo)man in Washington will be in the center of the very front row…

Read all about it here.
Click here to watch some YouTube video of the Senators in action.
Click here for The Larry King Live segment.


  • goodreason

    Wow! I was so impressed by these women standing up and telling it like it is! I hope the women can stand united on many issues, so that we an stand with them!