Today’s Mothers are Tomorrow’s Older Women


Today we are mothers; tomorrow we will be older women. It’s inevitable. My colleague, Ashley Carson, fights the good fight against economic discrimination against mothers and other caregivers at the Older Women’s League. Her essay on congressional shenanigans with a “fast track commission”, bringing their ax down on our future social security benefits in the name of balancing the budget, appeared recently in the Huffington Post.  An excerpt:

“OK, so the American government borrows money from the Social Security trust fund because the program runs a surplus. Then the government gives it to banks or other failing financial institutions, among others, to bail them out. Next, the failing institutions do not fail, and subsequently give out billions to their top employees. And then to remedy mistakes caused by the financial sector, resulting in the downturn of the economy in the first place, Senators are trying to cut your Social Security payment? This is double dipping with no accountability – first into your Social Security trust fund, and then into your individual Social Security payment. It is seriously misconstrued logic.”

Click here for Ashley’s insightful piece.

To better understand how the “fast track commission” works, and why it is such a bad idea, have a look at this You Tube video.