The Superhero Mom and Her Alter Ego



The Superhero Mom and Her Alter Ego

By Engy Neville



This past weekend, I indulged in a weekend away with college girlfriends. It all started a few months ago as we contemplated the possibility of meeting midpoint between Los Angeles and New York for a mini reunion. When I mentioned the idea to Brian, my husband, he insisted I make it happen. (It’s one of the many reasons I love him. He’s always supportive and a willing partner to step up so that I could step away for a bit.)

Since having the privilege of becoming a Mom almost six years ago, I’ve never taken real time to myself. And while yoga and the gym and manicures count, none of them are for an extended period of time. And it’s my fault for not making the effort to follow through with something so important to me.

With a girls weekend to Chicago underway, the four of us decided to wing it. Having no plans took away the pressure of needing to do something or being somewhere. On a whim, we did it all. From eating our way through the city, to drinking wine by the river, to exploring the sights through the lens of enthusiastic tourists—we cherished every minute. My soul soared or it felt like it did as we strolled through memory lane and caught up with one another. The weekend trip was exactly what I needed.


“Spending time with real girlfriends, the ones who
know your heart, love you unconditionally and have
you in stitches from laughing so hard—is priceless.”


I feel blessed a million times over to have such girlfriends in my life. I don’t see any of them as often as I would like. Some are a few states away, some clear across the country and some are halfway around the world, but all of them are in my heart all the time.

Unplugging comes in many forms and to me, being around girlfriends that are authentic, unguarded and real about their journey refuels and inspires me.

There’s great empowerment in discovering what fulfills me outside of domestic bliss. It’s more than important. It’s essential to maintaining balance between the superhero with a mommy cape and the woman inside, the one that giggles nonstop watching Bridget Jones Diary for the gazillionth time.

The superhero mom and her alter ego are inside all of us. It’s up to us to nurture each one equally. Rediscovering the women inside doesn’t take away from the pure contentment I feel at home with my family—it’s actually the opposite. I couldn’t wait to come home and shower our cherubs and husband with kisses, snuggle them and hear about every detail of their weekend. What I’ve discovered is that honoring all of me versus only the part of me that comes with identifiers makes me a better mom and wife because…

It allows my children to see a well-rounded happy mommy that values taking care of herself. And that allows me to, by my own example, teach a valuable lesson as “supermom”. Right?




Leave a Comment: When was the last time you were able to get away with girlfriends? How did it make you feel as a mother and a woman?


EngyHeadshotNEWEngy Neville started her career in entertainment public relations and years later she worked in brand consulting managing brand initiatives for fortune 500 companies. She’s currently the Communications Manager at a healthcare company in New York. Engy is the author of A Leap In Time, a time travel romance and Amazon best seller. Her short stories, Fool’s Luck and The Wind In Her Sails, originally part of previous anthologies, are currently available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble online. In addition to writing, Engy enjoys yoga, cooking, gardening, and traveling. Connect further with her on facebook, twitter, instagram (via Engy_Neville) or via her own website and blog.

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