Researching Motherhood: The Faces of Mom-mentum featuring Alina Haitz


Researching Motherhood: The Faces of Mom-mentum featuring Alina Haitz

Introduction by Kate Fineske

We inadvertently become researchers of life and motherhood when we study our own as well as other mothers’ experiences and journeys. This is the concept behind our Faces of Mom-mentum series featuring interviews with different Mom-mentum members across the nation. Today we are introducing you to Alina Haitz, a Mom-mentum board member.

Alina is a first time mom working in Human Resources at Molloy College and is a business partner with her husband—having founded Ark Academic Services, for children with special education needs on Long Island, NY. She is learning to embrace motherhood head-on and enjoys the special gifts that she has received along the way. Alina is an author of a short book of spiritual reflections on Mother Nature titled, “I Am…” She resides with her son and husband in Massapequa, NY.

Let’s take a few moments to get to know Alina better…




Q: What 3 words do you think best describe you and why?

A: Loving. Caring. Outgoing. I genuinely love people and am always interested in their stories and what makes them who they are. I am one of those people that make conversation easily. By nature I am a humanitarian and peacemaker and care deeply about our world’s future for our children and their children.

Q: What are some of your personal passions, hobbies and interests?

A: I am definitely a woman that likes to dabble in different interests, but at my core I enjoy the arts. I am a self-published writer. I love music and dancing as well. In addition to the arts I have consider myself a lover of playing sports. Although not actively on any teams, I find myself wanting to get to a soccer field once in a while to take some penalty kicks!  

Q: How did you become involved with your Mothers’ Center Group and Mom-mentum?

A: I met the Executive Director at a local Long Island business event before I was a mom. Then last year I was invited to their Women’s Leadership Conference and naturally I joined. I was a new mom and felt very connected to the mission of Mom-mentum. As a new mom, I needed a place where I felt I could relate to others who were going through the same challenges and experiences. I couldn’t think of another cause I would rather put my time and energy towards.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories as a parent?

A: My son is only a year and half and I have had so many great memories so far.  But I think cuddling with my son as an infant has been one of my most precious memories to date. It’s those moments when your child just rests peacefully on you in the middle of the night. You may be exhausted, but the feeling of joy and gratitude supersedes any exhaustion.


Q: What is one of your biggest challenges as a parent?

A: My biggest challenge is Work-Life Balance. I find working full-time as a mom and balancing my relationships with my son, husband and extended family and friends can be challenge.

“I definitely need to work on taking time for myself
and reminding myself that I am not perfect.”

Q: Has having children changed you?

A: Yes! I am much more understanding of Motherhood and what it takes to balance it all out. I have a new appreciation for my mother and all the mothers out there who make it look so easy. I remember being pregnant and everyone telling me, “It’s a life-changer” or other similar comments. These ideas never really resonated with me until I started going through it myself. I am only a year and half into motherhood, so I really try to listen to the mothers who have come before me. I take their suggestions and comments to heart. Prior to motherhood, I also didn’t appreciate as deeply all the sacrifices my parents had made for me over the years.


Thank you Alina for your honest responses and for allowing us to share your personal experiences on life as a mother.


Leave a Comment: Please help us give a warm welcome to Alina. Do you relate with any of her struggles and successes in motherhood? Let us know in the comment section below!


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