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Mom-mentum provides our members with access to Group Discussion Guides meant to encourage reflection, conversation and personal growth. One of the many distinctions between a Mom-mentum Discussion Group and other “Moms’ Groups” are the non-judgmental, warm, supportive conversations that are shared.

Connecting with and finding support among a group of mothers is important. Mom-mentum continues to prioritize connecting and supporting moms, and today we introduce you to our newest conversation resource: Discussion Guide Curriculums.

These new curriculums pull together multiple discussion guides from our 200+ guide database and make it simple and easy to quickly form discussion topics to use over multiple gatherings for your mothers’ group conversations!  Check it out…


6 Discussion Guide Curriculums to Spark Ongoing Motherhood Conversations

  1. Motherhood: Now What?

    Curriculum Overview: If only motherhood came with an instructor’s’ manual… it doesn’t, but this curriculum intends to be the next best thing by helping participants explore each other’s’ motherhood wisdoms and experiences. From bedtime rituals, to family mealtimes, to reading development—this discussion guide series puts a focus on mothers sharing all the things those parenting books just didn’t prepare us for!

  2. Personal Development as a Mother: You Deserve It

    Curriculum Overview: On an airplane, they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others… this same concept should also apply in motherhood! This discussion guide curriculum explores thoughts from time and stress management, to effectively communicating with others and knowing (and getting!) what you want. This discussion guide series asks you to take a little time for yourself to grow personally as a mother and a woman—you deserve it!

  3. Juggling Jobs: In Search of Work / Life Balance

    Curriculum Overview: It can be a real challenge to navigate and manage the myriad of tasks and responsibilities that come with juggling both professional and personal tasks. This discussion series encourages mothers to explore complex topics and conversations on: childcare options, going back to work, separating personal and professional life and so much more.

  4. Romance After Kids: Marriage and Relationships

    Curriculum Overview: Finding time to nurture the relationship with your significant other can drop to the end of the priority list after you have children. This discussion series offers the opportunity to share thoughts about such topics as division of domestic chores, communication and approaches to raising children.

  5. You’re a Rockstar: Now Believe It

    Curriculum Overview: Sometimes as women, and specifically as mothers, we can be our own worst enemies. This discussion series allows participants to explore how they feel about themselves as women and mothers, realistic and unrealistic expectations, and provides discussions on how to obtain and / or maintain the self-esteem to realize you are indeed good enough.

  6. Mommy Friends: Your Social Life and Support Network

    Curriculum Overview: Your children need friends…and so do you! When you become a mom, sometimes your friendships change. This discussion series delves into your friendships over the course of your life, how they evolve when you become a mom and how vital they can be as part of your support network.


Are you already a part of one of our Mothers’ Center Groups? Check out these new group Discussion Guide Curriculum resources by logging in and visiting our discussion guide database on the member dashboard our website.

Are you interested in connecting with other mothers through conversations but don’t have a Mothers’ Center Group nearby? Become a Mom-mentum member to virtually connect with other mothers across the country or, consider starting your own group!

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