It’s Equal Pay Day!


In order to make what the average man made in 2008, the average woman has to work all of that year, and through today, April 28, in 2009. Equal Pay Day signifies that 23% gap between men’s and women’s wages, assuming both work year round and full time.

Before I hear a chorus of “lifestyle choices” and differing degrees of ambition, inclination, talent, and skill, let me just say – that alone does not explain the entirety of the 23% gap. Straight out gender discrimination is still very much with us, and is responsible for women’s lack of ecnomic security. It’s not right, it’s not fair, and it must stop.

Please click one of these links to see the facts. Mention to just one other person today that it’s Equal Pay Day. Are we really going to continue to give away four months of our labor every year?

Click here to see the facts from Women’s Enews

Click here to see the facts from today’s Washington Post

Click here to see the facts from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research


  • genevieve

    Women will never have equal pay with men as long as Mothers and Carers are not paid or have no status for the time they stay at home and rear children.

    And as long as mothers are not paid, too many mothers will try to juggle jobs and childcare which is why women are not taken seriously in the workplace, they are not seen as “serious or dedicated”.

    Caring for children should be seen as a CAREER and women should have the choice to be a Career Mother or a Career professional but not the two.

    I hope more people will support the Campaign to get Salaries and Status for Mothers and Carers. When we have 500,000 (or better still one Million signatures we can start to use that as clout to get CHANGE.

    Please spread the word and get this Campaign spreading around the Globe
    Salaries and Status for Mothers and Carers

    Maybe you would mention this Campaign in your newsletters or let at least 5 people know and help it to spread. We deserve it, we have fought and waited so long ..lets not stop now !

    Thank you Gen