Finding A Healthy Life Balance


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Finding A Healthy Life Balance

by Teresa McCarthy

Whether in yoga class or in my mothering/work/life I can confidently say I often don’t seem to find a sense of balance.

In yoga, I literally stumble. A lot. I put my foot down during tree pose. I lean against a wall during side plank. I don’t even attempt headstand or shoulderstand. I succumb to gravity and psyche myself out of balancing. Outside of yoga class, I do the opposite. Instead of giving up too quickly, I find myself fully immersed in tasks and activities that I can’t step back from. Instead of succumbing…

“I get sucked into the vortex of PTA, leadership roles,
problem-solving for friends, etc.”


I have let myself become the wall that other people lean on. I pride myself on the fact that I am a solid do-gooder who gets tasks accomplished, but whom am I leaning on? Who am I sharing my struggles with? Most days I’m so busy I don’t let those struggles surface and I just end up hurting myself in the end.

Unlike falling face-front onto my yoga mat, it’s sometimes hard for me to notice that I’m out of balance in my everyday life.

Luckily I have a husband to remind me constantly that I “do too much”.


Pictured above: Teresa, her husband Jack, and their girls.

For many years (yes, years!) I thought my husband Jack was just nagging me to stop volunteering. 14 years into our married life and 9 years into our parenthood journey, I know now the truth — Jack genuinely cares for me and wants me to have balance in all aspects of my life. He doesn’t want me to stop being active in the community, he only wants me to have as much support as I give to everyone else. (Thanks Jack!)

The 2015-2016 school year represents new beginnings for me, and so I’m on a quest for more self-awareness and more life balance. Beginning now, I promise to attempt a better balance.

In fact, I’ve already made a few changes with more expected to come!:

  • I stepped back from the school PTA board (I’ll still volunteer, just not be involved with every miniscule decision and plan).
  • I changed my diet to gluten-free (I already physically feel better and more energized to walk, bike, and take yoga classes!)
  • I color in one of those new-fangled meditation coloring books. (It’s so relaxing and great fun!)
  • I am learning to appreciate down time (no agenda allowed!) with my family and friends.

Albert Einstein once said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” With all due respect Mr. Einstein, in my case balance means not forging ahead but instead slowing down both in and out of yoga class.

Leave a Comment: How do you know when your life is out of balance? Have you ever felt that your life was in balance?

Teresa McCarthy Head Shot~
Teresa McCarthy resides in Long Beach, NY and is the mother of daughters Gracie and Anna. A former children’s librarian, Teresa is a stay-at-home mom who dabbles in the family business (the operation of 5 bowling centers) whenever she can. Additionally she volunteers for the elementary PTA, is a Mom-mentum board member, a Girl Scout leader for two troops and assists with many community fundraisers and events. Teresa is grateful for her supportive husband Jack and to live just a quick boardwalk bike ride away from her parents.

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  • katefineske

    It’s so true! We work so hard to support others that sometimes we forget about ourselves. We all need a reminder every-so-often (at least I know I do!) to support ourselves and remember to “re-adjust” our balancing act. Thanks for your ongoing reflections here Teresa!

  • Sarah Goldstein

    I relate to so much you say Theresa! Self-care is so important. I do yoga, meditation and color in an adult ‘coloring book’. I’ve also stopped planning so much and now family time is calmer and happier.

    • Teresa

      I’m so glad that you can relate to this Sarah. I still have a hard time not always having a plan but I too love the peace & happiness that comes along with it.